Živojin Bata Kara-Pešić – The Rattle and Pleasure

Živojin Bata Kara-Pešić: The Rattle and Pleasurecegrtaljka_C
172 pages
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Živojin Bata Kara – Pešić (1938) completed the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in 1964, after which he pursued postgraduate study in Paris, Salzburg, and London. He has worked as an indpeendent researcher on urbanism and as an associate professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade (1989-1993). He has published a large number of works on urbanism, architecture and related themes in publications in Zagreb, Belgrade, and Novi Sad. He has written shorter texts for Student, Književna reč, NIN, Politika, Dnevnik, Republika, and Vreme, among other publications. He collaborated with Radio B-92 in 1993 and 1994 on the broadcasts „Belgrade with out fences“ and „Rhythm of the experienced heart.“ He has translated several literary texts from French, English, Italian, and Russian. He was vice president of the Association of Literary Translators of Serbia from 1996 to 2000. For accomplishments in translation he received the„Miloš N. Đurić“ prize in 2011. He published the book on architecture and urbanism Dorasti za bravu [Ripe for a lock] (Novi Albatros, 1986).