Tesař, Filip – Ethnic conflicts

Filip Tesařtesar_konflikti_C_m
Ethnic conflicts: In the Balkans, and not only there
Translated from Czech by Adin Ljuca
First edition: 2019
410 pages
Price: 900 dinars




Filip Tesař was born in Prague in 1969. He studied ethnology at Charles University in Prague. Since 1990 his work has been dedicated to research of post-Communist transition, Euro-Atlantic integration, and the influence of China. He has worked as a journalist, a humanitarian worker, a diplomat, and as a political scientist at the Institute for International Relations in Prague. He has taught anthropology of the Balkans at several Czech universities. He carried out several field research projects, particularly in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Kosovo, bt also in Croatia, in central Serbia, in Macedonia, in Montenegro, and in Albania. He is the author of several strategic analyses for the Ministry of International Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Office of the President of the Czech Republic. He wrote a handbook on economic, public, and cultural diplomacy in the Balkans for the Czech diplomatic service.