New Book: Jansen, Stef – Yearnings in the Meantime

We are pleased to inform readers about the release of the 244th title in the Biblioteka XX vek series.


Stef Jansen
Yearnings in the Meantime: ‘Normal Lives’ and the State in a Sarajevo Apartment jansen_ceznja_C
Translated from English by Aleksandra Bajazetov
First edition: 2020
374 pages
Price: 1200 dinars




Stef Jansen is Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Manchester. Since 1996 he has published a number of works of ethnographic research in post-Yugoslav countries, first in Serbia and Croatia, and since 2000 primarily in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The principal themes of his research are: the role of the state in everyday life; hope and cynicism; the creation of homes and the conditions of refugees; post-socialist transformations; political subjectivities; everyday geopolitics and resistance; memory and forgetting; (non-) belonging and nationality; masculinity; border. He has published a large number of articles and book chapters. He edited, together with Staffan Löfving, the collection Struggles for Home: Violence, Hope and the Movement of People (Berghahn, 2008), and together with Čarna Brković and Vanja Čelebičić the collection Negotiating Social Relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Semiperipheral Entanglements (Routledge, 2016). In 2005 Biblioteka XX vek published his first book Antinacionalizam: etnografija otpora u Zagrebu i Beogradu.