Karge, Heike – Memory in Stone – Petrified Memory?

Heike Karge

Memory in Stone – Petrified Memory?         karge_secanjeV

Translated from German by Aleksandra Kostić

2014. 280 pages.

Price: 900 dinars




Heike Karge was born in 1970 in Schwedt/Oder. She studied history and sociology with a concentration on the study of Southeast Europe. Her doctoral dissertation on the culture of memory in Yugoslavia was defended in 2006 at the European University Institute in Florence. She teaches history at the University of Regensburg. The main field of her research is cultural and social history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In addition to themes connected to war memories in Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav space, she is interested in the influence of wars on social perceptions of health and illness and on normalcy and deviance. Her post-doctoral (habilitation) research is directed toward the investigation of this problematic in the cases of the Balkan wars and the First World War in the South Slav regions.