Srećko, Horvat – Against Political Corectness


Srećko, Horvat – Against Political CorectnessSrecko Horvat - Protiv politicke
From Kramer to Libach and back

2007, pp. 216
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Srećko Horvat, theoretician and semiologist, was born in Osjek (Croatia) in 1983, and is now residing in Zagreb. He has been a contributor to periodicals dedicated to cultural and societal issues, such as  ”Zarez” (Comma), ”Vijenac” (Wreath), ”Tvrđa” (Fortress), as well as for the Third Program of Radio Croatia, where he has written and directed several shows around speciffic topics. Against Political Correctness is Horvat’s first book.

In two chapters (”From Political Correctness to nationalism” and ”Deconstructing a National Anthem”) and an Appendix consisting of the essays: ”Political Correctness of Social Responsibility”, ” Political Incorrectness of Suicide”, and ”Political Correctness within a Family”,  the author shows how political correctness and nationalism share some essential characteristics among which stand out exclusion, stigmatization, and sanctioning of all those topics not in line with the principles of an ideology dominant in a given historical and political constellation.