Pančić, Teofil – Karma Coma

Pančić, Teofil – Karma ComaTeofil Pancic - Karma koma
2007, pp. 172
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Teofil Pančić was born in Skopje (Macedonia). He is a columnist and a literary critic at the Belgrade-based weekly magazine ”Vreme”(Time). He has published critical and analitical writings in numerous newspapers and periodicals in Serbia and the rest of former Yugoslavia, as well as in publications in the USA, Russia, and several European countries. The 20th Century Library has published the following of his books: The Urban Bushmen – Life and Death in Serbian Postcommunism (2001), The Keepers of the Bengal Fire – Life and Death in Serbian Postcommunism, 2, (2004), Through Canyons – Life and Death in Serbian Postcommunism, 3, (2007), and Karma Coma (2007). Other publishers have published his works: Peculiar Traits (Beopolis, Belgrade, 2006), Paper Mission (The Journal, Novi Sad, 2006), Those Famous 400 Kilometers (VBZ, Zagreb, 2007), The Sandbank (Peščanik [Hourglass], Belgrade, 2008), and
Ashes without Garden (The Journal, Novi Sad, 2009).


Karma Coma is a collection of articles from Pančić’s column of the same title, published in the Novi Sad newspaper ”The Journal”