Arsenijević, Vladimir – Yugolaboratory


Arsenijević, Vladimir – Yugolaboratoryvl_arsenijevic_jugolabaratorija
2009, pp. 236
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Vladimir Arsenijević was born in Pula in 1965. In 1994, he published his first novel: In the Hold ( which was also to be the first installment of a planned tetralogy under the common title Cloaca Maxima). This book brought him a presigious literary award – the Novel of the Year Award of the Belgrade weekly magazine NIN. This novel In the Hold has been translated into twenty languages, and a stage adaptation of it by the same title won  Sterija Award in 1997 (a major theatrical award). His second novel, Angela – second installment of Cloaca maxima, was soon to follow, in 1997. After a stay in Mexico (May 1999 – Sept. 2000), Arsenijević publishes,  in 2001,  Mexico – A War Diary. His illustrated novel Ishmael, a fruit of his cooperation with the comic strip creator Aleksandar Zograf, was published in 2004, and in 2008 his fifth book emerged, a novel entitled The Predator. Beginning in 2007, Arsenijevic worked as an editor at the publishing company Rende (Rasp, Planer), before joining the Belgrade branch of  the Zagreb-based publishing house VBZ. He lives in Belgrade.

Yugolaboratory contains thirty essays by Arsenijević, written after 2005.  They are divided, in the book, into 6 chapters: 1. My Life on My Way to the Toilet, 2. The Country from the Other Side of the Looking glass, 3. Futurama, 4. When the Losers Go Marchin’ In, 5. The New Replicatos, 6. The Wals