Мајstorović, Danijela – Discourse of the Periphery

Мајstorović, Danijela – Discourse of the Periphery
2013, pp. 240
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Danijela Majstorović (born 1978) studied English Language and Literature at the University of Banja Luka (2000), received a Masters’ degree in Communication Sudies at Ohio University (2003) and a doctorate in Linguistics at University of Banja Luka (2006). She is an Associate Professor in the programme for English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Banja Luka. Prior to releasing Discourses of the Periphery she published two books, Discourse, Power and the International Community (Banja Luka, 2007) and State and Ethnic Identity Among Youth in Bosnia-Herzegovina (with Vladimir Turjačanin, Palgrave, 2013). She edited the collection Living With Patriarchy: Discursive Construction of Gendered Subjects Across Cultures (with Ingrid Lassen, John Benjamins, Amsterdam, 2011), and Critical Cultural Studies in the Post-Yugoslav Space (Banja Luka, 2012)

The texts in Discourse of the Periphery are divided into four sections: (I) On culture and criticism, (II) On war and postwar, (III) Gender in the private and public spheres, and (IV) Ethnonational politics and identities. „This book represents an opportunity for me to collect in one place everything I have had the opportunity to say as a researcher and theorist about postwar Bosnian society as a society that has too easily forgotten its longstanding multiculturality and socialist modernity, willingly accepting nationalistic and patriarchal ideologies and opening wide the space for galloping wild capitalism which assures it a position on the periphery of Europe for the long term.“ (from the Preface)

19 July 2013