Subotić, Milan (ed.) – The other Russia

Milan Subotić (ed.), The other Russia: Critical thought in contemporary Russiams_drugarusija_C

First edition, 2015

translated from Russian by Zorislav Paunković

332 pages, Price: 800 dinars








  • Milan Subotić, “’The other Russia,’ introductory remarks”
  • Olga Malinova, “The long discourse on national authenticity and the opposition of Western and anti-Western orientations in post-Soviet Russia”
  • Maxim Kantor, “The spectre of Eurasia”
  • Mihail Suslov, “’Ouranos is older than his sister Cleo’: Discursive strategies in contemporary Russian textbooks on geopolitics”
  • Nikolai Koposov “The politics of history in the time of Putin”
  • Igor Torbakov, “’unpredictable’ or ‘uncertain’ past?: International relations and politics of history in Russia”
  • Alexander Etkind, “Petromacho, or demodernization mechanisms in the resource state”
  • Ilya Kalinin, “Cultural policy as an instrument of demodernization”
  • Alexei Miller, The conception of ‘the Russian world’”
  • Igor Zeveliov, “The borders of the Russian world”
  • Boris Dubin, “The head of state against the background of the whole country”
  • Sergei Medvedev, “Russian ressentiment”
  • Boris Dubin, “Historical memory and the unique path”